Drywall Remodeling and Repair Jobs in Tucson

drywall remodeling in tucson

Remodeling & Home
Improvement Repairs

De La Rosa & Sons can help you with that remodeling project in your home or office. We offer a wide variety of remodeling services. Contact us before you start your add-on room or if you tear down a wall or raise a ceiling. Even if you simply need to modernize the style by rounding the drywall corners or changing the texture. We can even remove a texture and smooth the drywall completely. These are just some of the improvements we can help you with.

Room Addition

We specialize in drywall installation and finish work for all room addition projects. Once work by a carpenter, electrician, or plumber (if needed) is completed then drywall is the next step. This includes drywall installation, joint taping & coating, installation of corner bead and texture. If you are adding a space to your house, give us a call we offer top quality drywall craftsmanship.
home repair drywall installation tucson

Converting Existing Textures

Don’t like the look of your existing walls and ceilings. We can provide a range of custom textures to choose from. Changing the texture will dramatically improve the look and feel of your home.

Raising a Ceiling

An aspect of home improvement  includes creating more space in your home. Low ceilings can be a source of confinement, low light, and make a space feel cramped. Ceilings in kitchens and hallways are most commonly raised. After carpenters raise the framing we offer installation of sheetrock and finish work to complete the space. 

Round Drywall Corners

Sometimes modernizing a home or office can be as simple as rounding the corners of your walls. Here at De La Rosa & Sons, we can cut 90° corners, round them and continue the texture seamlessly.