Historic Plaster Wall Repair

De La Rosa Drywall has the experience and knowledge to properly use conventional drywall materials to repair plaster walls or ceilings in historic or ‘older’ homes that have plaster walls.

Do you have plaster walls? What are historic plaster walls?

The most common types of materials that make up walls and ceilings in homes are plaster and drywall. Plaster has been around since ancient times consisting of a mixture of various amounts of lime, sand, and water. The plastering over time evolved to include lath in which, wood slats were installed and a thin coat of plaster up to an inch was floated over the slats to form the wall or ceiling. This process is very labor-intensive, but the end product is very heart and stout. Because of this type of construction, home repairs on plaster walls can be very difficult, especially if certain services like electrical re-wiring or re-plumb are done, which require cutting into the plaster. This makes it challenging for any craftsman to repair the original wall with a similar plaster technique.

Our company uses conventional drywall materials to repair historic or ‘older’ plaster walls or ceilings. Drywall became an alternative to plaster in the 1950s because drywall is more efficient, lighter, and easier to work with. As drywall materials became durable and available, they replaced the plaster as plaster is more labor-intensive and time-consuming. In historic homes with plaster, repairing can be difficult, and hard to find contractors that can do the necessary work.

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De La Rosa repairs plaster walls using conventional drywall materials and has succeeded in being able to provide high-quality finished results. Drywall comes in various thicknesses but is often thinner than the plaster walls. When we repair a plaster surface, we often combine various degrees of thickness of drywall to achieve the depth of the surface we are working on. We are proficient in using joint compound and fast set compounds, which are used to coat the repairs after drywall is installed. The use of these materials is crucial as they allow us to get the repairs to the proper depth before applying the final texture. These materials are gypsum-based and the fast-set compounds contain plaster of paris which is set up very similar to lime-based plaster.

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