Drywall Repair Specialist in Tucson Arizona

There is an art form to repairing drywall the right way. Attention to detail cannot be overlooked. Our company has a ‘do it right the first time’ mentality. 

Need to repair drywall?

     De La Rosa and Sons Drywall have carved out a niche in drywall repair in Tucson. Our roots are bred in being a repair company as, Javier, the founder transitioned to do repairs for a home builder in the 70’s. He saw a demand for repairs in homes.
     Drywall repairs range in all sizes and we fix them all. From a hole in the wall to a sizable cutout. We have a reputation for providing honest and quality work. Our reviews from our customers can be found here. If you are looking for drywall repair, we are competent, willing and available to give a bid.

     The repair process starts with the prep work. We take care in doing work in people’s homes by covering floors, walls, fixtures, and furniture before we begin working. We ensure that your property is protected from potential damage and if it can’t be masked off we will ask you to move things. We use thicker plastic on floors to guard against wear and tear.
      When we do tear-outs we create a ‘bubble’ and hang plastic to keep all tear-out debris contained. Masking off is a crucial skill that we have developed over the years and it’s evident once you see us in action.

     The repair process is an art form. Working with the proper materials and knowledge of the drywall process is important. Standard drywall materials can be found in every hardware store. For repairs, we prefer to use fast set compounds as opposed to regular joint compound. The difference is set or cure times. Fast set compounds come in different set times from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. We prefer to use 5-minute mud for interior home repairs. This allows us to put multiple coats or applications on and therefore we can finish most jobs in one day. We are efficient with these materials and offer same-day service for most small to medium repair jobs.
     The materials are important but so it’s knowing how to apply them. We also offer tear-out and installation services for drywall repair as well. After new drywall is installed, finish work needs to be done to return the surface to its original condition.
     We call applying joint compound ‘coating.’ Applying the compound is crucial. No surface is entirely level so the compound may need to be applied more on one side than the other. This is the art of ‘filling’.
     Joints may need to be doubled, working off the high point. For some repairs, it may take 3-4 coats to make it look right, especially cutouts that have lots of natural lighting that will make a poor patch job visible. 

Our objective when doing drywall repair is to do the best possible job to match the existing texture. We have perfected the art of interior home repair.